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Even the best dental health insurance plans can be confusing for those who don’t exactly know what their insurance plans cover. When you aren’t sure exactly what the dental insurance covers or what it is doing for you, it can be a difficult choice when you’re trying to choose the best dental insurance plan. When it comes to dental plans, they vary widely across many topics but you should know the general design since this is what affects not only your out of pocket costs, but also your coverage for what services and providers you can see and therefore the best one for your circumstances. There are individual differences in each plan but the most common can be grouped into different categories.


Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Insurance – It’s Not An Option

Direct Reimbursement Programs

One of these options is direct reimbursement programs. Direct reimbursement seems like a big confusing concept, but what it is revolves around the predetermined percentage of the total amount spent on your dental care. This means that you are paid back for the dollar amount that you pay, but you first have to pay out of pocket. Although that can seem intimidating to pay so much up front, it helps you ask the right questions  for a treatment plan that is affordable and may work out to be one of the best choices for you.


Another choice is something called a capitation program, usually referred to as dental health maintenance organizations or DMHO. This is where your doctor is in a network of providers, and they are contracted to provide specific treatments to patients for no charge. This means that you pay nothing out of pocket, but you also lose the option of choosing where you get to go- which isn’t always the best thing. There is also a premium that is paid by you and if this differs a significant amount there can also be a co-pay. This dental plan might be your best choice if you want to save the most money as long as you don’t mind using an in-network dentist.


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Expensive Dental Treatment? Get A Dental Insurance Plan

UCR Programs

Usual, customary, and reasonable or UCR programs are pretty much the opposite of a capitation program and allow the patient to choose what doctor they want to go to. Although the treatments and services provided won’t be free, there is usually an option for a set percentage amount that you would pay yourself after the reasonable/customary limit that is predetermined. The issue with these plans is that there is a vast difference between what is considered “reasonable” to a lot of practices and because it’s not regulated by the government it can become costly if your dentist tends to overcharge.

Schedule Of Allowance

Table or schedule of allowance program, another alternative, determines a list of covered services with an assigned price. This means that you can see exactly how much will be covered by your insurance depending on what service you are receiving. This means that the plan will cover what is listed regardless of what is billed by the dentist, and you would pay the rest yourself. This could be a best choice if you’re fund savvy and know exactly what type of services you may need.

Dental Implant Insurance

Some parts of dental treatment can be more difficult to provide for such as dental implant insurance. An implant procedure will vary from patient to patient and can involve difficult expensive preparation. Each implant will be different and has to be custom made to fit the patient’s mouth. The implant procedure additionally is normally in three different parts, firstly burying the implant under the gum and allowing to heal, then fitting a post and then the final prosthetic tooth. So you can see that an implant is going to be expensive and therefore providers are less willing to fully cover these procedures.

Dental insurance for seniors

Dental insurance for seniors can have many different options to try to reduce costs and will depend on what other sources of cover is available to seniors such as medicare or supplemental dental payment plans. Medicare dental coverage has it’s own rules and exclusions which is where a supplemental plan can be one of the best options and help seniors manage costs. Some seniors may also have veteran benefits or be able to get adiscounted plan through AARP .

Dental Payment Plan

The best type of payment plan can supplement insurance and reduce premiums. This type can spread large costs over a period and can include discounts on procedures. This is often something considered by seniors to help with payment of dental bills. Some of these will be run by the dentists office themselves so payment will be direct to them.

If you’re looking for the best full coverage dentist insurance plan, most of the above categories have that option. Full coverage will include a wide variety of issues, but the main components are how much you’re willing to pay out of pocket and what providers you’re willing to see regardless of what plan you go with. Don’t make it too confusing, take the time to ask questions and review the policy before you decide to purchase it.




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