How To Get Health Insurance And Preventative Medical Care

Medical insurance can be confusing for many Americans. Some people who need insurance might be wondering how to get health insurance quickly and at an affordable rate. With the new Affordable Health Care Act, all citizens of the United States can have access to a form of medical insurance that meets their basic needs. Several people use Medicare or Medicaid as agencies for medical assistance.

Medicaid provides health care for low-income families and people who have disabilities. It covers everything from vision/hearing care to doctor visits to vaccinations. Medicaid isn’t the only option for children. Some families have chosen Health Insurance for Children (CHIP) instead. CHIP covers all vaccines, routine check-ups, immunizations, and more. Like the Medicaid program, CHIP is a state-wide agency. Families need to go online and make sure they are eligible in their state before registering for either program.

The health care government website ( has a coverage finder tool. This tool allows users to see which programs are available to them in their state. It’s equally important for families to research local hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices to see which ones accept Medicaid and CHIP.

Medicare isn’t the same agency as Medicaid. Medicare is a program designed for people over the age of 65, some disabled people under the age of 65, and those who have chronic renal disease. It covers hospital fees, nursing home facilities, hospice care, and other similar services. Since the new health care law has passed, Medicare has started to cover preventative care and prescription drug costs. This means procedures, such as regular cancer screenings, are now free for some Medicare patrons. People can sign up for this program online if eligible and search for nearby Medicare-covered facilities.

It’s rare for health insurance providers to offer dental insurance plans for adults. However, programs, like CHIP, do offer dental insurance for children. The health care law’s expansion to offer preventative medical treatments has created a provision for dental insurance. Insurance providers may offer partial coverage on larger dental operations. Some agencies even offer discount programs for clients who need dental attention. These programs generally aren’t thought of as insurance. Nonetheless, they can save people who need dental work money and time.

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