What Does Dental Insurance No Waiting Period Mean?

Dental emergencies are likely at any time or stage of life. They range from chips or breaks to impacted wisdom teeth. To afford these services, it is necessary for you to acquire a dental plan that covers the services you will need throughout your life. If you have a family, it is also essential to find a plan for dental insurance that provides coverage for their needs.

Exploring Your Options

Dental insurance no waiting period allows you to acquire services as soon as you establish your policy. This same-day benefit provides coverage for all services included in your plan and allows you to visit the dentist immediately. It is an advantageous benefit, especially if you require emergency dental services, which need to be addressed promptly.

HMO Insurance

HMO-based dental insurance work similarly to the health insurance policies. You can acquire a policy at an affordable rate. You are required to pay a deductible each year for services, and all dental options are offered at a fixed rate. The only drawback for these policies is that you are restricted to dentists within the network. In-network dentists are required due to the fact that they agreed to these fixed fees for services provided.


A PPO like HMO options does not require waiting periods. The major difference in these policies is that the PPO requires a higher monthly premium than HMO insurance. However, you are not restricted. You can choose any dentist you prefer as long as they accept your insurance. The way these options work is that you choose your plan based on the percentage that is paid by the insurance policy. These percentages range from eighty to ninety percent. You owe only the remaining balance after the insurance policy pays your dentist.

To find the best dental insurance plans for you, it is important that you acquire a free quote for your monthly premiums. Each policy has a list of services available through the policy. This includes distinctions for which services are classified as elective in which coverage could be limited. Before you choose the best dental option for you and your family, begin by submitting a request for more information.

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