What Is Full Coverage Dental Insurance ?

Buying dental insurance is similar to buy a policy for your automobile. You may acquire different levels of coverage based on your needs. For example, most policies provide services that fall under one of three categories, including major, minor, and preventative. To acquire all available dental service, you should evaluate Full coverage dental insurance to determine what services are included in these categories.

Choosing Coverage

Basic dental services are typically included in preventative care options. Cleaning, check-ups, and x-rays are covered through a full coverage policy. These options do not present costs for patients. Under most dental plans, these services are available every six months at no cost to the patient.


Minor services included in full-coverage dental insurance are services that are commonly performed. This includes fillings with composite resin after a cavity is drilled and requires reconstruction. Any restructuring of the teeth that is performed without major surgery are covered under minor dental care. Repairing an existing crown or filling is also included. The policy holder is required to pay a portion of these services based on the coverage level acquired. Minor procedures do not present high costs in most cases; however, your dental plan may require you to pay a deductible before coverage begins.

Major Dental

Oral surgery, sedation dentistry, and extractions are classified as a major dental service. The major dental category shown in your policy documentation defines which procedures are available for coverage. Services that are purely aesthetic are not covered under most plans. However, services such as dental implants in which they are used for reconstruction purposes after an accident or medical treatment are covered. This includes car accidents and the effects of chemotherapy used for mouth cancer and more. If you are unsure if your policy imposes limitations on coverage you should consult your insurance agent.

Full-coverage offers the highest benefits of any dental insurance plans available today. They provide coverage for more complex services such as root canals, dentures, and birth defect-related surgeries. Procedures are classified under three categories, which dictate if coverage is available for them. To locate the best insurance at this level, you should evaluate the coverage levels offered in your local area.

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