What You Need To Know About Dental Insurance That Covers Implants

There used to be a limited number of options for those who were missing teeth. General dentists and those who specialize in prosthodontic dentistry could only offer several alternatives. One was to crown one tooth to add a dental pontic to cover the space next to it. Another way of replacing several teeth at once was to make a temporary or removable “bridge” with teeth. Finding a way to fill these spaces with teeth that were both natural looking and completely permanent became the goal of advanced cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Implant Procedure Diagram

In recent years patients have been given the option of having dental implants made especially for them. These implants are permanent and affixed into the patient’s jawline. These implants never need removal to be fully functional. However, these dental implants are expensive and many times patients can not afford them. Even when they have a choice of dental insurance plans from their carrier, they do not use them wisely to pay for this expense.

Dental Implant Insertion

Dental insurance that covers implants is possible and increasingly patients are finding out that their coverage will either wholly or partially cover the costs involved. The truth remains that many patients have cosmetic dentistry not because they need it, but because they want it. For these reasons, providers of dental insurance view certain procedures as unnecessary or optional treatment. What they need to do is make sure their dentist informs their insurance company of exactly why having dental implantation surgery is imperative for the health of the patient.

Dental Implant Illustration

Make sure your dentist writes an explicit description of why dental implantation is medically necessary. It could be that the patient was born with a congenital issue that left them without permanent adult lateral teeth. It is also possible that a patient may be missing teeth due to a personal or sports related injury. Car accidents are another reason why giving a patient permanent teeth is necessary for them to regain a full set of teeth as they once had. If dental implants will give the patient the ability to speak and eat normally, this is also something that can make a difference in an insurance company granting full payment or patient reimbursement.

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