Types Of Seniors Health Insurance Available Today

Seniors health insurance shares similar features with dental insurance. For example, each option offers a PPO and HMO choice among others. Additionally, they present coverage levels based on the senior’s choices without the restrictions of Medicare, which doesn’t provide dental coverage to seniors. A careful review of these policies determines the coverage levels that are available and could present seniors with more affordable options based on their budget.

Dental Plan Selections:


A PPO presents coverage for major, minor, and preventative dental care. The way in which these policies work is that the policyholder chooses between two variations. For example, the difference between the two policies is the percentage paid by the insurer. These polices pay between eighty and ninety percentage of the total cost of the services. Typically, the premiums are higher than standard insurance policies, but they provide the greatest coverage level. However, a major advantage of these policies is that the policyholder can choose their own dentist regardless of network affiliation.


In terms of seniors dental insurance coverage, a HMO presents the same basic principles as the health insurance under the same classification. The patient acquires a dental service and files a claim through their insurance provider. They are then reimbursed for these costs based on the provided coverage amount. The senior is required to pay an annual deductible based on the policy he or she selected. These policies impose restrictions in terms of which dentists the patient can visit. For example, they are provided a list of in-network dentists and oral surgeons. They cannot use out of network dentists and receive coverage for services.

When choosing dental insurance plans today, seniors should evaluate their budget and the level of freedom that wish to acquire. In some cases, this new freedom to choose could present higher costs, but a reduction in limitations could allow senior patients to acquire exactly what they want in terms of coverage. If the senior may wish to acquire cosmetic or elective procedures at a later time, they should review policies that will provide these services and pay a portion of the overall cost.

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