Why Do Seniors Need Supplemental Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is available to seniors as an addition to their existing Medicare policy. These programs are available to seniors who are sixty-five or older. However, any seniors who have been declared disabled or who have a chronic illness such as kidney disease may qualify regardless of their age. If you wish to explore Supplemental dental insurance today, you should contact your local provider.

Why Do Seniors Need a Supplement?

In the grand scheme of coverage, Medicare provides excellent coverage for medical services. However, the insurance provider doesn’t cover any dental services that are not rendered medically necessary. With this understanding, the likelihood of a senior visiting a dentist on a regular basis without a chronic illness or the need to prepare for surgery is slim to none. This leaves seniors vulnerable to gum disease and possible tooth loss.

In the long run, this could present a significant health hazard for seniors as they become unable to manage their own oral care as effectively as they could before. When a senior develops a condition that renders him or her incapacitated, oral care is impossible for them on their own. In the event that a major dental need emerges, Medicare alone just isn’t enough.

Medicare Dental

As a supplemental plan, the Dental Advantage Plans provide seniors dental insurance that may not require a monthly premium. These plans extend coverage for dental services, whether they are deemed medical necessary or not. The senior who chooses these dental insurance plans can select any dentist they prefer to provide services. Seniors who wish to add this policy to their existing Medicare insurance should review limitations and restrictions in their local area as these policies are regulated by their state.

Seniors who wish to participate in dental insurance plans should review their options carefully. Some options may require them to pay fees based on the type of coverage they select. If they are on a fixed income, they should choose a plan that meets their budget. In most cases, however, they are allowed to pay these premiums at the same time as their health care insurance if they choose Medicare sponsored programs.

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