Does Medicare Cover Dental Services

The biggest question people ask is: “Does medicare cover dental care?” Presently, medicare pays for all dental services and treatment considered not to be primary care for your teeth. These procedures may include reconstruction of the jaw after sustaining injuries from an accident, tooth extractions meant to prepare for treatment of the jaw. In addition, medicare dental plan will also foot the bills you incur during oral examinations, but not treatment of the same. Unlike dental insurance plans, Medicare will not cover costs toward routine checkups, dentures, teeth cleaning, and any preparations done to receive tooth fillings.

However, Medicare covers some dental services required to protect your general health. For instance, if a patient requires a certain dental treatment before an allowable health treatment is done, medicare may cover it.

Various dental services may be covered under Medicare, including the following:

If a patient receives an oral examination to help determine if he or she qualifies for a kidney transplant or in preparation for a heart surgery procedure.

If you have a condition that involves the jaw, such as oral cancer, which need a dental service considered to be requisite treatment before radiation or radiotherapy is done.

If, after a tumor was removed and a ridge constructed to correct the structure of the jaw

If you need a surgery to treat fractures that may affect the jaw or your face

If you require dental splints and dental wirings following a jaw surgery

It is important to state that while medicare will pay for the above services, it does not cover costs of follow-up dental care following the treatment of the underlying dental condition. For example, if the medicare covered the cost of tooth extraction to repair facial look after an accident, you will not expect it to cover fees paid toward follow-up dental care simply because your tooth was removed. While it is possible for Medicare to pay for in-patient care in the above cases, Medicare will not pay for any dental care or service that is excluded from the list of accepted services regardless of whether you are hospitalized.

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